Remedial training - for happier riding and improved safety for you and your clients.

Equitation Science uses clear techniques that are very effective for a variety of equine issues.

Horses without any obvious issues will also feel much lighter and obedient after training and will progress in their careers without developing problem behaviour.

There is a long list of unwanted equine behaviours; which ones do you want retraining? I will give you an honest and accurate assessment of the number of sessions it will take to retrain any issue, no matter how mild or severe.

Some issues can be retrained in only one session (I’ve often retrained a horse to stand still to be mounted in one session), but it is wise to note that retraining deeply is usually achieved after a few sessions, and includes a mental understanding on the part of the handler as well as new handler skills, not just new responses from the horse. 

I can teach equine professionals, including farriers and vets, equine dentists and staff at rescue centres to handle horses not only so they can deal with each incident of unwanted behaviour, but so that they rapidly retrain each horse to behave for every incident in the future, so that your client base of horses becomes easier and safer for you to handle each time you visit that particular horse.  These are very specific techniques that can be learned and trained in just 2-4 sessions, so it’s very cost and time effective for the professional and adds to personal safety at work.

Here's feedback from Julie's students on a wide variety of behaviour issues that were retrained in just a few sessions:


"Two naps of both types last night resolved immediately with the new method!  Had no more napping for the rest of the ride!"  M.

Julie "showed us techniques for dealing with issues that had been causing us real trouble (we had given up on one horse) and also gave us a much greater understanding of how to go about training our horses.  After half an hour ... you could see a real transformation in their behaviour, it was all very impressive."  E and J, Devon.

"Didn’t have any stroppy, confused moments of not wanting to go forward, he was forward the whole time.  Made for much more enjoyable ride not being on his case the whole time and keeping it simple!"

"...... worked a flipping treat thank you - after that not another nap for the rest of the ride.  Thank you x x"

"M has managed a ride up the hill on the drive.  No rearing, and his attempt to nap was minimal, just backing up trying to turn, but only few seconds not being allowed to turn and a couple of stronger pressures to achieve turns and he was back going where I wanted, even going part way back down and heading back up multiple times which would normally set off major meltdown and rearing etc.  Will do few more times before heading up the pines but pines are looking achievable in not too distant future".


Trimming and Clipping:

"Can I just thank you, Julie for helping C and me with H; it was the first time in 12 months that I had got to cut all his feathers without him having a tantrum."



"Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have done with H. He travelled home well and he had to walk over a wooden bridge, up to the house and through the garden to get to the paddock - somewhere he has never been before. He was alert but walked over the bridge perfectly and continued calmly to the paddock, despite the others running around on the other side of the fence."

"When I turned him out this morning he was a star .....  H is really taken with how you did (the retraining).  She has always said that she would like to be a vet but last night she said that it would be really cool to do what you were doing.  You made a massive impression on her.  Thanks again for your help."



"Had an awesome lesson today.  Was good to get C out of her comfort zone, adding strange objects, and how to handle her when there are scary objects around.  Very pleased with the lesson, as always:)  Very happy.  Thanks heaps.  I look forward to using the tools I have been taught."  R



"Had a great time at the clinic last weekend.  It was nice to see tense horses enter the arena and leave the arena relaxed.  This worked on all horses.  Julie you are the best!"

"Just want to say thank you for showing me the insights of equitation science, I have really enjoyed putting it into practice.  I have done two ridden sessions with , and it ..... was worth it as I got her to walk both ways in a nice walk. Then at the end of the session she tried to race out the gate so I made her go past the exit until I was happy with the walk and then she calmly walked through."

"Thanks for the training session with K.  You certainly showed how the method works with calming a very tense horse, making life a lot easier for both horse and rider.  Thank you."

"I very much enjoyed the session. Especially watching both P & R relax with you so beautifully."

"Today we took T out with L out on the road and saw a huge improvement, she was a lot calmer, and ..... worked well.  She went passed a bus well, car with barking dogs, and crossed a busy road, and even past church with bells going, which before she would have had a mini breakdown, today she stood calmly. Her stand was great and waiting to walk on, only doing so on my command, even when she was unsure of her environment.  After the ride, I worked with N who has an issue with go, especially on a ride, we have been unable to get her up the lane on her own, or in front, unless on the way home from a ride when she was happy to. She would spin around and rear and then plant her feet.  So I did the Go, Stop and Park in-hand then, in the school practised this ridden, and in other areas of the field.  Then I took her to the gate where I knew I could test it and ..... I was able to get her through the gate which I repeated until she was happy.  Then went further and repeated it, then went even further.  Mum has also used the technique with L,  she got him to stand and park which is brilliant. I have never found a technique which works with more than one pony, but this does and I really enjoy it. It has increased my confidence and also my determination. I do not stop until I have the 3 repetitions!  At a later point I would love to have some more sessions with you to learn more.  Thank you for showing us the way forward with them, just wanted to share our progress." K.

"Following his stay with you and your training, I am so enjoying having him home, everything is easier, we are able to do the things we want to do, and most importantly, he looks 100% more relaxed, chilled and happier with life. Everyone has commented on how happy/relaxed he looks since returning. Your clear and consistent training for both him AND me (!!) which is simple and straightforward has suited us and been exactly what we needed, and are both much happier for it. Plus, your empathy with understanding how we were feeling with this and being on hand whenever needed was fabulous. I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much."

"Hi Julie, just wanted to thank you for the session on Saturday.  Wow, I had a ride on M today and was really pleased with how he has responded.  I can feel a difference with his (Stop response) already."