Julie's Credentials

Julie is one of only a few coaches and trainers worldwide who has achieved both BHS qualifications and is an Equitation Science accredited teacher and trainer.  Julie holds the Associate Diploma in Equitation Science, awarded by the acclaimed horse behaviourist and trainer, Dr Andrew McLean.  

Julie trained on the original course which required:

  • a comprehensive knowledge of learning theory as it relates to equine learning processes
  • 20 days intensive training directly with Dr Andrew McLean, in Australia
  • proven competence in all areas of horse retraining, starting and coaching of riders and handlers.

Julie has returned to the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre many times, to teach students there and to train directly with Dr Andrew McLean.  

Using her skills and training, as well as her extensive equine experience and teaching background, Julie has gained a reputation as a friendly, fun and very competent horse behaviour specialist, helping horses and riders all over the world.

Julie has built her reputation on the clarity of her teaching and the effectiveness of her training.  She makes sure she provides enjoyable and highly beneficial lessons for students, and that the horse's behaviour and way of going is transformed.  Your horse's unwanted behaviour will rapidly change to desirable behaviour.  This is one of the best ways you can improve how you feel about your horse - don't get angry or frustrated or afraid; just retrain the behaviour.  It's much, much easier than you imagine, and it is totally logical and based on the science of how animals learn new behaviour from the first moments of the training session.  Retraining takes minutes, not years!

To read what clients think, click here.  This is what they say.

Julie says:  "As soon as I came across Equitation Science I knew I was at last hearing the truth about how horses learn and how we should be training them.  Although I had already obtained British Horse Society qualifications, I decided to dedicate myself to become an Equitation Science specialist as ES deals with the fundamental causes of behaviour issues and resolves them.  Don't 'ride through' the bucking - retrain the horse to not buck!"

Julie is comprehensively insured as a freelance instructor/horse trainer in the UK, with www.seib.co.uk.  

Julie's professional background in teaching, helps her to convey the techniques clearly.  She puts you and your needs and feelings first; your satisfaction is as important to Julie as retraining your horse. 

Think carefully before you book with anyone who purports to teach/train using ES/McLean ways:  Carefully check their credentials.  If they are qualified they will be listed on the AEBC ES Specialists' page. Anyone not on this list is not qualified and may never have even trained with Dr McLean.  


Julie's Style

Julie teaches in a safe, methodical way, always making a risk, tack and welfare assessment before beginning. 

Her style is informal, friendly, clear, polite and humorous, and Julie encourages students to ask questions.  There is no shouting, intimidation or sarcasm in Julie's sessions!

Julie sends a reasonable amount of email follow-up support after sessions so you build up a 'library' of ES knowledge, and don't forget or get muddled.

She does not ‘mix and match’ different methods - people do this when they don't know what they are on about.  Julie is a dedicated horse behaviour specialist, using only the scientific principles of  Equitation Science in their pure form, as that is how horses learn new behaviour.

Julie says: "I only use techniques after I have considered them through the lens of Equitation Science and established Learning Theory: Does it stand the test of science?  Is there pressure/release?  Does it work rapidly?  Is it for the good of the horse?"


The Training Process

Although Equitation Science does lead to rapid retraining results, it is a process, not a magic wand.  Julie works methodically through the stages of retraining, and does not cut corners.  However, as she works through the basic training, she will also address your horse’s problem behaviours and retrain those without delay.

Remember; horses learn quickly, but humans learn relatively slowly.  It will take time for the new skills of ES to become embedded skills - ones that you retain and use accurately for all your equestrian years to come.  These new skills need to become a habit for YOU and your horse, not something you use just when trouble rears its head or just when you can be bothered - animal training simply doesn't work that way.