I have engaged Julie Stapleton to help me to retrain my horse. I understand that she is a fully trained, fully qualified and highly experienced horse behaviour specialist, who engages in retraining problem equine behaviour. I have fully disclosed my horse’s life history and behaviour history. I have not concealed anything about his previous behaviour. I fully understand that horses are unpredictable and can cause significant injury and damage when out of control. I understand that any kind of retraining work with horses is risky and may result in unpredictable and dangerous behaviour. I understand that this behaviour may injure myself, my horse and third parties. It may also cause damage to my possessions and equipment, and to that of third parties. I undertake to not prosecute Julie Stapleton for any injury, harm or damage that results during our training sessions to me, my horse, my property or to that of a third party. I fully accept the risks involved and I take full responsibility for the outcome. I confirm that I will be wearing appropriate sturdy footwear, a hard hat and gloves for the whole of the training session and that the session will not go ahead without these items. I confirm that my horse will be wearing a snaffle bridle and we will undertake the training in a safely fenced, enclosed round pen or arena.
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