What students can learn

Students of any level benefit most when they understand a little about the principles that Equitation Science is firmly based on, and students get the best results when they have practised some of the techniques too.  It is hugely beneficial for students to understand what to do and why it works, as well as to get the techniques right too.

You can learn through private training sessions with your horse or through educational days that include an introductory talk, videos, mechanical skills (accurate pressure and release), clicker training and question and answer sessions.   

Julie's Introduction to Equitation Science Courses are a brilliant and fun way to get a thorough grounding in what to do and why!  Julie also holds courses that focus on specific aspects of training horses, for example, trailer loading, foundation training, habituation to clipping, worming, injections, the farrier and so on.  These courses are of great help to leisure riders, competition riders, trainers and professionals, including riding instructors, farriers, vets, equine dentists and so on.

Contact me to organise an educational day in your area or series of private training sessions for you and your friends.