Competition Success

Equitation Science isn't just about retraining problem behaviours in horses.  

Because scientific horse training trains the most fundamental aspects of equine responses, it's applicable to any discipline, at any level of competition.  

Correctly train the gaits, tempo, stride length, canter leads, flying changes, contact, outline, seat, transitions, turns, and so on, or demystify lateral work - if you are struggling with any of the lateral movements then I can teach you how simple they can be with Equitation Science.   

This is what Julie's students have to say about their competition improvements after some ES sessions:

"Different horse – warmed up beautifully, and then did a nice relaxed, FORWARD test & got 60%."

"Thanks for your help over the last few days, it was incredibly useful. We took B to a SJ competition today. She came off the lorry very stressed, whinnying and whirling around, we put her in Park at once and within a few minutes she was much calmer. Walked on a long rein to the warm up area and did long walk and had lots of relaxed snorting , not the rears and bucks we had last time we were there. Went on to jump two lovely SJ rounds and in the meantime stood very happily next to my dad who is in his 70s, totally relaxed and perfectly in Park. Such a nice day, bliss to not have the first 10 minutes of stress to deal with, so a huge thank you!"

"Dear Julie,  Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help. You remember I said I was going to sell Toddy....well, we only went and won BOTH our dressage tests today at the Hand Equestrian with scores of 75.78% and 74.54% !  It has been your help that has got us there and I am determined to do right by this horse and progress with ES principles as far as I'm able. BTW, I got 8 for my riding, where reference was made to 'correctness' - if only they knew the 'secrets' of ES!"

"Julie, you would have been very pleased with me and T today....we only went and won BOTH of our Dressage tests today!  I know that I said I was going to sell him, but I changed my mind! Thank you so much for all your is your training that has helped get us there. He didn't really put a foot wrong, even with lots of scary monsters lurking in every corner!!   Although much to work on, I am determined to improve and get him up to Elementary at least, as he's more than capable."

"He won both his classes last time out 2 weeks ago getting 7s and 8s in his dressage, he has had lots of compliments just lately, from judges,  friends and strangers, I have been so proud." P

"I also meant to tell you that M got a second in one of his classes yesterday!  He won two ribbons, our first ever together.  They were small classes as it was members only, but his tension (and mine therefore) were significantly less and his marks went up accordingly.  He got 65% in both tests which was a 9% improvement on his dressage tests a couple of weeks ago.   No wobbly fits in the warming up, so overall I was very happy with how he went."

Handling sessions are available for those non-horsey mums and dads who have been dragged into it by helping their child at events and are struggling to control the horse in-hand.

Riding technique lessons are available for riders whose horse's behaviour isn't a problem, but would like to become skilled in the correct use of Equitation Science so that they avoid confusing their horse with the conflicting aids that are taught in many traditional riding lessons (eg, having the brakes and accelerator on simultaneously).  

ES is also for new or returning riders or those who have lost their nerve through an incident or the passage of time!  With correct training you will feel confident around horses, based on the knowledge of how to control a horse, how to use safe practices and how to do correct risk assessments of a situation.